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You want to publish a book about your work, your company, your artwork and don’t know how to get it done? You have existing material and like to see it in a real, beautiful book? I help you along the way. Read more about my book service.


You want to tell your story, present your skills, your company, your services, with a powerful film on your homepage, your blog, in social media? I make it happen. Read more about my video production service.


You want expressive photographs for your book, your homepage, your presentation? I deliver ready-to-print-and-publish images of your portrait, your artwork, your product, or your whole company. Read more about my photography service.

“My intention is to deliver a personal professional media service customized to every client’s needs. My background is 25 years experience in Broadcast Media, where I had collaborated with all major TV stations and production companies all over the German and Swiss Television market, working as a vision mixer in the field of music programs, opera, theatre projects, entertainment, television plays and drama series. When I started Alvarhus Media in 2011 I felt it was time for a change, using my experience for media projects with focus on the work of single creatives and firms.

Every client has a story to tell, and I love listening to you. Then we will discuss step by step the process on how your desired message will be best presented. Everything communicates. Visual media is a language, and I am passionate about putting your story into a book, a video or photograph.”

Gudrun speaks German (her native language), Swedish and English. She was trained at the ARD/ZDF Media Academy (SRT) in Germany and studied with American Fine Art Photographer Mark Citret in the USA. She is married to the Swiss director, photographer and writer Urs Bernhard. Being asked why of all places they chose to live on Öland, the couple answers: “We wanted to see the horizon!

Gudrun Thielemann, owner Alvarhus Media
Mark Citret, photographer
author book "Parallel Landscapes", San Francisco, CA

To any of you who have a book project in mind, you’d be unbelievably fortunate to have Gudrun as your designer. She’s the best– incredible energy and talent and is easy to work with. There was absolutely no compromise on quality at any step of the process. Thank you Gudrun!

Bruce G. Harvey
Bruce G. Harvey
Harvey Research and Consulting, Syracuse, NY

I have enjoyed immensely the short movies that you have done about Urs’ large-format photography. The visual, artistic sensibilities that you show in your films wonderfully mirrors the vision that he shows in his photographs, resulting in something that is far more than the sum of the two parts. I do quite a lot of large-format documentation photography in my work as a consulting historian, and your short films have been fantastically inspiring. Thank you for sharing them!

Ulla Löfdahl Reimersson
Ulla Löfdahl Reimersson
KAZ Galleri, Västerås, Sweden

Beautiful book with very good and fine pictures of Karlheinz’ work.


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