Information. Emotion. Action

A mindful insight into your work, closely observed.

The moving picture is a very emotive way of telling a story. In comparison to a photograph, the additional components like editing, sound and music make it a much stronger impact to the viewer. These features make video an ideal medium to present your work. Here you see a sample of videos that I have made. With more than 20 years experience in the TV industry, I would be happy to assemble your story into a film as well.

Claudio Santambrogio is an artist who creates unique photographic objects. In this portrait he shows and explains his work. / June 2016

Urs Bernhard photographs the Dolomites with a Large Format camera. This video is about his approach and motivation for making this effort on hiking in these mountains with such cumbersome equipment. / July 2015

Photographer Urs Bernhard in Orkney, Scotland. The film shows how he chooses his subjects and why he uses a large format camera. / January 2014

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